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About VAXA Philippines


Make the joy of gardening more accessible to everyone, helping better the livelihoods of our team, partners, and community in the process.


To lead the innovation and become the benchmark of the gardening industry with exciting products that generate immense value to the community.

 Our Why

 It was the year 2020.

Our businesses got destroyed. Jobs lost. Workforce downsized. Relatives getting sick. Friends couldn't be there for us face to face.

One thing saved our sanity. It was these tiny specks that with the right care grew into small baby greens. Everyday we watch it grow little by little and it transported us to a world without disease, without stress, without pain. 

It was calming. 

A month later, the baby sprouts become toddler plants in search of new homes. Pot searching proved to be yet another zen and peace inducing activity. 

We had such a great time with our greens and gardening hobby

and so we decided to share it to our Filipino community.

thus, VAXA Philippines was born. 



To deliver only high quality indoor garden products

To ensure happiness and satisfaction for our plant parent friends

To be realistic with pricing.