Soft Opening VAXA Modern Minimalist Pots

Hi Plantitos and Plantitas!
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Introducing VAXA Modern Gardens Philippines

Sawa ka na ba seeing the same plastic pots from the palengkes and garden stores?

Are you always guessing when is the right time to water your plants?
We have good news, we are offering very elegant minimalist self-watering pots for you. 


Why VAXA Pots?

✔️ Elegant and Stylish

✔️ Wick system self water pots, you don't have to water everyday

✔️ Affordable, we do not overprice

✔️ Stocks on hand in Manila. We ship nationwide through Shopee!



 Remember to use your 15% voucher VAXAXNKL2  😊

What are self-watering Wick system pots

Can you show us more reviews?

Of course! have a look at reviews posted by our Plantita friends on Youtube. 


Where can I buy VAXA pots?

VAXA Philippines is available on Shopee by clicking here or below.
 Remember to use your 15% voucher VAXAXNKL2 😊